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Lots of reasons to love our platform

Complete Solution

Single/double opt-in, list segmenting/importing/exporting, subscription management, blacklisting, automation, etc.

Easy Integration

We make it easy and quick to integrate Locally sending capability with your own websites/applications through simple RESTful API

Track Messages

Track your messages opens & clicks, Automatically handle bounce & feedback & Measure your campaign performance with insight reports

Automate Campaigns

Start your email campaigns in response to event triggers, Automatically respond to your recipient activities (open/click) & Design your marketing with email automation workflow

Making everyday marketing fun is why we exist

You can now do emailing marketing with peace of mind. No more worries about your email provider’s quota or cost per email.

  • Mailing list management
  • Email verification
  • Campaign Email Builder
  • Automation
  • Open/Click Tracking
  • and so much more…
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Comprehensive Statistics & Insight Report

you can review your individual campaign reports after every email you send, or monitor your mail list growth, campaign engagement, and marketing performance directly from your account dashboard.

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